BGL attorneys attended and presented at the 2023 Maryland State Bar Association’s Legal Summit.

BGL attorneys Chelsea Crawford, Lauren DiMartino, Kevin Docherty, Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum, Andrew Levy, Anthony May, Jamie Strawbridge, and Jessie Weber had a wonderful time with colleagues from the MSBA at this year’s Annual Summit in Ocean City.

From impressive keynote speakers and programs focused on complex legal issues to fun social gatherings, including a BGL Open House, the event provided a great blend of continuing education and networking opportunities.

BGL is especially proud that our attorneys were speakers in four separate programs throughout the Summit. On June 8, Anthony May and Lauren DiMartino presented on the rights of LGBTQ+ employees in religious workplaces in Maryland. Later that day, Jessie Weber spoke about assuring court access when representing clients with disabilities. On June 9, Anthony presented on artificial intelligence and employment discrimination law, where he also highlighted key takeaways for both employers and employees. Jessie ended the afternoon as a panelist for a program discussing employment law lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am thrilled to have attended the Maryland State Bar Association Legal Summit again this year,” said BGL managing partner Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum. “The event featured excellent programming – including presentations by our own Jessie, Anthony, and Lauren, all of whom made BGL exceedingly proud – and fun networking and social time with the BGL team and colleagues from across the state.”

The conference concluded with a Legal Summit BGL Open House, hosted by BGL partner Andrew Levy and his wife, Sandy. Members of the Maryland State Bar Association joined BGL for an evening of food and drink while reconnecting with members at Andy and Sandy’s “Institute” in Ocean Pines.