Artificial Intelligence

The robots have landed. And, for better or for worse, they’ve landed in the workplace.

Employers are increasingly relying on artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline hiring and retention processes. However, an employer’s reliance on AI to make decisions traditionally left to humans can lead to potentially discriminatory outcomes – intentional or otherwise – that directly impact already marginalized communities.

With nearly one in four organizations using automation in their hiring processes, the need to identify, prevent, and combat AI discrimination is at an all-time high. Our AI practice area brings our expertise in fighting employment discrimination directly to the forefront of the emerging use of AI in employment and focuses on representing clients who have been denied employment opportunities due to the discriminatory use of such technology.

Brown, Goldstein & Levy is consistently ranked as a top tier firm in Baltimore and across the state of Maryland for our advocacy on behalf of employees whose rights have been violated by their employers and individuals with disabilities who have suffered discrimination. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of AI’s impact on employment practices and are dedicated to staying up to date on developing legal trends to understand your rights, know how to assert them, and provide you with the best representation possible.


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