Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum spoke on the importance of full accessibility in the workplace at the April meeting of the Riveters Law Club, Maryland’s first all-women’s law club.

Brown, Goldstein & Levy managing partner and inaugural member of the all-women’s Riveters Law Club, Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum, recently spoke to a group of approximately 80 women at an April meeting of the Riveters. She was introduced by fellow club member and BGL partner, Chelsea Crawford.

Sharon took the opportunity to discuss the importance of accessibility, placing emphasis on the importance of accessibility in all workplaces – including law firms and government offices – ensuring that employees with disabilities have access to the accommodations they need to access information as easily as their counterparts without disabilities. Sharon shared lessons she learned from meaningful cases in which she represented clients with disabilities throughout her career and over the past decade as BGL’s managing partner.

Throughout her presentation, Sharon offered practical tips her fellow club members could incorporate into their organization’s policies and procedures based on ways BGL ensures full inclusion – including developing an express accessibility policy to say what the firm believes in and of course what the law requires and creating a Disability Rights Fellowship for young attorneys with disabilities who are entering the workforce.

Sharon closed her discussion by challenging her fellow club members to use their influence as leading women in the law to create more inclusive workplaces by making sure that legal professionals have full accessibility.

For Sharon, being part of an all-women’s law club has been an exciting and enriching experience. She was recently quoted in The Daily Record, sharing her thoughts on joining the Riveters Law Club.

“I had this feeling that there would be something special about it,” she said.

About Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum:

Sharon takes great pride in her role as managing partner of Brown, Goldstein & Levy while continuing her active practice on behalf of a varied client base. Clients and colleagues alike recognize Sharon as a trusted advisor willing to share her extensive experience, knowledge of the law, passion, and sense of justice openly and freely. She strives to develop deep client-lawyer relationships that emphasize the unique voice and needs of each one of her clients.

Learn more about Sharon here.

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