Lauren Kelleher speaks to The Daily Record about BGL’s fight for justice for exoneree Clarence Jones, who was wrongfully convicted of murder.

Attorney Lauren Kelleher recently spoke to The Daily Record about BGL client Clarence Jones, a Baltimore County father who spent 18 years in prison for murder based on a “shaken baby syndrome” conviction that was set aside when Mr. Jones received his Writ of Actual Innocence in 2021. In addition to Lauren, Kobie Flowers and Neel Lalchandani represent Mr. Jones.

As detailed in the Daily Record’s article “25 years after ‘shaken baby’ conviction, Baltimore County man once again tries to prove his innocence,” Mr. Jones’s son, Collin, tragically died as an infant in 1998. At the time, a certain set of symptoms in infants were considered diagnostic of violent shaking. But the medical consensus regarding shaken baby syndrome has changed in the decades since. Collin was a very sick baby, and experts now contend  he died of natural causes—a disease process that accounted for the shaken baby syndrome “symptoms” he presented with at the time of his death.

Mr. Jones, has always maintained his innocence, including during his parole process in 2017. BGL is now seeking wrongful conviction compensation under the Walter Lomax Act on his behalf. of The Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office continues to contest Mr. Jones’ innocence and his eligibility for compensation under the Act.

“Even after his 2021 exoneration, Baltimore County prosecutors have opposed Clarence receiving compensation for the injustice of being wrongfully convicted,” Lauren J. Kelleher told The Daily Record. “Instead of trying to mitigate the difficulties he endures and will continue to endure for the rest of his life, they have decided to wrongly re-prosecute him for the tragic death of his own son.”

Proceedings in the case are underway.

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