Adele needed a support system during divorce – you will, too.

Dana McKeeBy Dana McKee

Going through a divorce is hard, even if you are the one who made the decision to end the marriage. The tug of war between staying in an unhappy marriage for the sake of your children or leaving your spouse with the hope of getting your life back on track is painful.

This pain is captured in Adele’s single, “Easy on Me,” from her new album 30, which is set to be released on November 19, 2021. The album was written during the time when she was going through her divorce from Simon Konecki and contains songs about her emotional journey during this “turbulent period of her life.”

In “Easy on Me,” Adele tries to explain and justify her reasons for ending her marriage. Her refrain, “go easy on me,” asks that others not judge her decision, which is what often happens when couples separate and divorce.

A support system is important for those going through a divorce. For Adele, her friends offered her strength and encouragement each step of the way after she made the decision to separate. Fortunately for the singer, she and her husband were able to amicably resolve the custody of their then 8-year-old son, with sharing custody and living in close proximity to each other.

Not all couples are so lucky to have the appropriate support system, or to be on the same page regarding custody. Because a divorce is a time of inner turmoil and one of the most difficult periods in a person’s life, you need an attorney who will be a partner in that journey and be part of your support system.

Dana McKee is an experienced family law attorney, who has assisted many clients through painful divorces and bitter custody battles. She believes that her role is not only as her client’s advocate and legal counselor, but part of her client’s support system. A person that her clients can trust for honest and sound advice. If you have separated from your spouse and need a legal expert on which to lean, or anything that requires a family law attorney with a proven track record dealing with difficult and complex cases, please call Dana McKee at (410) 962-1030 for a consultation today.

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