Divorce Attorney

Maryland law recognizes two types of divorces–an absolute divorce and a limited divorce.  An absolute divorce is a final divorce that dissolves the marriage union, thereby allowing the parties to remarry, and terminates the parties’ property claims arising from the marriage.  In contrast, a limited divorce simply legalizes the separation and provides for support while grounds for an absolute divorce are established.

Retaining an attorney early on is important.  There are many decisions that can be made at the outset that can position a spouse to navigate the divorce process for a better outcome and less stress. A consultation with a divorce lawyer prior to the separation is often helpful to obtain a full understanding of your rights and how to best approach your spouse about your decision to leave the marriage.

Initial Divorce Consultation

The divorce process at Brown, Goldstein & Levy begins with a brief telephone conversation with one of our divorce attorneys, who will obtain some basic information from you, free of charge, so that both you and our divorce attorney can determine if our firm is the right fit for your matter.  If the right fit exists, the next step is to meet for a formal initial consultation with the divorce attorney.

At the initial consultation, our divorce attorneys will gather sufficient information from you so that they can give you useful advice and preliminary recommendations of how best to proceed.  We will ask you to provide information regarding your assets and liabilities, background information regarding any children, and the reasons for the separation and divorce.  Our divorce lawyers will discuss the options that you have to best resolve your matter and explain why one option may be better than another based upon a number of factors such as the personalities of the parties involved, the assets/debts at issue, the issues surrounding custody of any minor children, the income and work history of the parties, and the anticipated cost associated with the options.

The Divorce Process in Baltimore

Not all divorces require or warrant a long-drawn out trial.  The divorce attorneys at Brown, Goldstein & Levy recognize that there are better ways to handle a divorce matter.  Our goal is to resolve as many issues as possible without resorting to expensive and time-consuming litigation.  We have a strong track record of successfully resolving divorce and custody matters through negotiations, mediation, and the Collaborative Law Process, which all generally produces a more cost-effective and quicker resolution.

Our matrimonial attorneys at Brown, Goldstein & Levy, however, recognize that not every divorce can be resolved out of court.  Sometimes court intervention is the only way to achieve final resolution in a divorce.  All of our attorneys at Brown, Goldstein & Levy, including our matrimonial attorneys, are trial-tested and feel as comfortable in the courtroom as they do in a mediation.

Experienced in Complex and High-Net-Worth Divorces

Any attorney can handle a simple divorce, where the issues are limited and not complex.  We handle those cases too.  However, when the case has more complex issues because of the parties’ high net assets, you need an attorney, who has extensive experience representing clients of high net worth and understands the nuances of dividing those assets in a divorce and the issues that may arise regarding alimony.

Our family law attorneys pride themselves in being knowledgeable and having experience with legal issues outside of the family law arena.  Because of their broad legal experience, they bring knowledge to their family law cases that other attorneys just do not have.  Our divorce attorneys understand how closely held businesses operate.  They understand the business of commercial real estate and private equity investing, and so many other types of businesses that often provide high income for the business owners and executives.

Our experience dealing with high-net divorces positions us to spot issues that other attorneys may not notice.  We are not afraid to ask questions when we are unsure of the answers.  We know when an expert is required to be called in and how best to use the expert in assisting with the resolution of the case.  Experts may be necessary to assist in locating hidden assets, valuing a business or real property, estimating future cash-flow, and providing advice on how to best divide marital property to achieve the long-term goals.

Contact Brown, Goldstein & Levy and Schedule A Consultation  

A divorce is often a stressful event filled with uncertainty and each client has different needs. At Brown, Goldstein, & Levy, we work closely with our clients so that they understand the process, their options, and have a voice throughout the process. Our matrimonial attorneys are here to help you with your divorce. We assist with cases throughout Maryland, especially in Baltimore County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, and Baltimore City. Call us at (410) 962-1030 to schedule a consultation.

Representative Cases

  • Experienced in representing professionals and business owners in divorces so that the division of marital property and future support payments do not financially cripple them.

  • Represented individuals in their divorce actions with assets such as vineyards, curated art collections, minority owned businesses, healthcare practices, law firms, private equity firms, stock/stock options, real estate investments, racehorses and water-front homes.

  • Experienced in representing retirees or those nearing retirement in their divorces to maximize the division of assets and future support in a manner that allows both spouses to move forward with their lives in an equitable manner.

  • Successfully represented financially dependent spouses in obtaining permanent or rehabilitative alimony.

  • Experience in divorce cases where a spouse is mentally ill, a substance user or otherwise disabled.

  • Regularly represent divorce clients who are in retirement or nearing retirement.