Election Law

State and federal law governing the conduct of elections is complex and fraught with the potential for costly and very public mistakes. The need for answers often arises under circumstances requiring quick and decisive action. Brown, Goldstein & Levy is one of the few law firms in Maryland with practical experience in election law. Two of our attorneys have themselves been candidates for public office, and a third has been the treasurer for city, state, and federal campaigns. Our attorneys have represented candidates for public office by filing Election Day lawsuits to prevent “dirty tricks” and petitioning for recounts in close elections. Our firm brought a series of successful voting rights cases that resulted in African-Americans being elected in various jurisdictions on the Eastern Shore of Maryland for the first time in the nation’s history. We have defended an individual charged with violations of campaign finance law and brought successful actions to require voting machines that voters with disabilities can use to cast an independent and secret ballot. We can also provide advice with respect to the detailed requirements associated with reporting campaign contributions.



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