Kevin Docherty and Andy Freeman obtained a $1.2 million judgment against ex-NFL quarterback Michael Vick for failure to repay loans.

BGL partners Kevin Docherty and Andy Freeman obtained a judgment on behalf of a group of individuals owed $1.2 million by ex-NFL quarterback Michael Vick and his wife, Kijafa Vick, and are now pursuing a collection of that judgment. As detailed by the Miami Herald, NBC Sports, and Sports Illustrated, Vick received loans in 2018 from Atlantic Solutions, LLC, which later sold the loans to BGL’s clients through a broker known as SMA Hub. After the loans were sold, the Vicks failed to make the required payments.

The articles also detail Michael Vick’s history of accumulating debt and failing to repay it. As the lawsuit alleges, BGL’s clients are “just the latest people Mr. Vick has stiffed.”


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