A class action lawsuit against NASA for racial discrimination has been certified by an EEOC judge – enabling long-overdue justice for more than 2,000 Black and Asian American employees.

EEOC Administrative Law Judge Stephanie Herrera granted class certification to certain Black and Asian American NASA employees. Brown, Goldstein & Levy along with co-counsel Mehri & Skalet are seeking justice for the employees who suffered racial discrimination.

The lawsuit – which was filed in 2013 – impacts more than 2,000 agency workers of color who were consistently given lower performance appraisal ratings than white peers across all of NASA’s centers. The data showed the racial disparities to be statistically significant, indicating that it is extremely unlikely the racially based performance gaps happened by chance.

“After nearly a decade, we are encouraged that this suit can finally move forward,” said Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum, managing partner of Brown, Goldstein & Levy. “We will continue to push forward to obtain long-overdue justice for our clients.”

NASA has until November 10 to appeal the decision.


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