A twofer: BGL’s Monica Basche will moderate disability-related diversity and inclusion issues webinar and Eve Hill will speak

Eve Hill

Monica Basche

March 4, 2021, The Bar Association of Baltimore City Diversity Committee hosted, “Disability-Related Diversity and Inclusion Issues”.

This program addresses disability-related diversity and inclusion issues in the practice of law by challenging people’s assumptions about disabilities. Participants learn best practices to put into place to ensure that they are accommodating individuals with disabilities.

Monica Basche moderated the Bar Association of Baltimore City’s webinar and Eve Hill spoke. Eve presented a virtual version of her “Stand In My Shoes,” presentation which is designed to challenge people’s assumptions about disabilities. Eve typically conducts this presentation in an in-person, interactive manner. As part of the transition to the virtual world, Eve shared the results from her previous “Stand In My Shoes” presentations to educate more than 40 webinar participants on their misconceptions about disabilities by helping them “stand in the shoes” of disabled persons. Eve looks forward to converting this popular presentation into an interactive virtual experience in the not-too-distant future.

View the webinar here.

Download the “Stand In My Shoes” PowerPoint here.


Eve L. Hill, Esq.
Brown, Goldstein & Levy, LLP

Gary C. Norman, J.D., L.L.M.
Chair of the Board of Commissioners
MD Commission on Civil Rights



Monica Basche, Esq.
Brown, Goldstein & Levy, LLP