“Enough is enough”: Lauren DiMartino speaks to The Baltimore Sun about her advocacy of a community group appealing plans to build a crematorium in their backyard.

BGL attorney Lauren DiMartino was featured by The Baltimore Sun for her work representing North Baltimore community members in their appeal against building plans for a new crematorium in a Baltimore neighborhood, which was recently approved by the Circuit Court for Baltimore City.

The article, “Residents appeal judge’s decision to greenlight crematorium at North Baltimore funeral home,” covers the efforts of Radnor-Winston and Winston-Govans residents to prevent Vaughn Greene Funeral Services on York Road from installing and operating a crematorium, citing concerns about environmental hazards it poses as well as possible effects on property values.  The residents of the surrounding communities—the majority of whom are African-American—already suffer from higher rates of respiratory illnesses, chronic lung disease, heart disease, and COVID-19 than most of the United States. Local elected officials including Maryland Senator Mary Washington and Delegates Mark Edelson, Elizabeth Embry, and Regina Boyce have been vocal about their opposition to the crematorium.

Last month, a judge of the Circuit Court reviewed and approved the city zoning appeals board’s January 2022 approval of the crematory’s installation. Lauren represents the residents in their appeal to the Maryland Appellate Court.

“Is the city going to perpetuate the long-term effects of redlining and environmental injustice and continue to disregard the health of our children? Or is it going to look to science, common sense and the intent of our legislators and say ‘enough is enough?’” Lauren said in a statement to The Sun.

Lauren DiMartino is an advocate for her clients and their families across various areas of civil rights law, including fair housing, education, and disability rights. Her practice also includes appeals, police misconduct, workplace discrimination, and commercial litigation. Lauren uses the Fair Housing Act to assist individuals impacted by discriminatory conduct and to challenge systems perpetuating segregation, with a particular interest in the intersection of housing and public education. Ultimately, Lauren’s goal is to ensure equity across the board for each of her clients – that every client she represents has the same opportunity to thrive as each of their peers. Learn more about Lauren here.

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