Lauren DiMartino has been appointed to the Baltimore Office of the Inspector General Advisory Board.

photo of Lauren DiMartinoLauren DiMartino has been selected to serve on the new Baltimore Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Advisory Board following the requirements of a voter-approved charter amendment aimed at eliminating bias in investigations.

Under the new arrangement, which was approved by 86% of city voters in November’s election, the panel is composed primarily of citizens recommended by council members and may not include elected officials, city employees and others who could have a conflict of interest.

The new board configuration is critical for the Inspector General to protect Baltimore’s residents from government waste, fraud, and abuse, explained the OIG in a statement. Among other things, the members of the advisory board will be responsible for appointing the Inspector General, conducting annual performance reviews,  and for reviewing, revising, and approving the Office of the Inspector General’s budget. After applying, Lauren was nominated by her City Councilwoman, Odette Ramos, who was the Councilwoman who pushed the charter amendment through council last year.

“Brown, Goldstein & Levy is thrilled that Lauren is able to make contributions to the legal profession and now her community and the City,” said BGL managing partner Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum. “We look forward to seeing wonderful, collaborative results from this necessary board position as Lauren continues to work hard to protect the Baltimore community – both inside and outside of the courthouse.”

Lauren joined Brown, Goldstein & Levy in 2021 and primarily represents clients across various areas of civil rights law, including fair housing, education and disability rights, police misconduct, appellate litigation, and workplace discrimination. Lauren’s experience has centered on education equity, constitutional law, anti-discrimination, and government misconduct.

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Baltimore Inspector General announces reconfigured advisory board | Baltimore Brew (April 4, 2023)