Kobie Flowers is a special guest on NPR’s “The Docket: The Law Defers to Police During Traffic Stops”

On May 26, 2021, Brown, Goldstein & Levy partner, Kobie Flowers was the special guest on “The Docket: The Law Defers to Police During Traffic Stops” with Carrie Johnson and Susan Davis. The Docket is a new ongoing series from The NPR Politics Podcast where they examine the backstory of the laws that impact our daily life.

Traffic stops are a routine police practice, but with the rise in body cams and cell phone footage, people have begun to witness how they can escalate to violence and even death. The show examines how the law itself may contribute to that escalation through conversations with experts like, Kobie Flowers.

Kobie has more than 20 year of experience trying cases. A large part of his practice is police misconduct cases, and he has successfully sued police officers for wrongful convictions and police misconduct. On the show, Kobie discussed the history of policing, police reform, and the legal system that allows police misconduct.

Here at Brown, Goldstein & Levy, we recognize the importance of these discussions. We hope to continue these conversations and spread awareness to help better the community that we serve.

Warning: this episode contains graphic audio.

View the full NPR post here.