Eve Hill testifies before the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission at a listening session about ensuring workplace equality for disabled and LGBTQ+ individuals.

On September 22, Eve Hill testified before the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission at a listening session regarding their Strategic Enforcement Plan (SEP) entitled, “Shaping the EEOC’s Strategic Enforcement Priorities.” The meeting was the third listening session on this matter held by the EEOC and took place in Washington, D.C.

The SEP will set forth long term priorities for the federal civil rights agency for fiscal years 2022-2026. Eve used her wealth of knowledge to provide insight and guidance on how the EEOC can ensure people with disabilities and LGBTQ+ individuals are able participate equally in the workforce, specifically when it comes to inaccessible employee-use technology and the intersection of LGBTQ+ rights and employers’ religious freedoms.

During her testimony, Eve stated, “Buying inaccessible technology is not an excuse for excluding employees with disabilities, and employees with disabilities should certainly not be the ones to suffer the consequences of ill-advised purchasing decisions.”

She later continued: “The religious freedom restoration act only permits LGBTQ+ discrimination by an employer if they have a sincere belief and it puts a substantial burden on the employer’s religious exercise – not religious belief… Requiring non-discrimination against LGBTQ+ people does not indicate sponsorship or endorsement and is not a substantial burden on anyone’s religious exercise.”

According to the EEOC, these listening sessions are opportunities for the Commission to hear suggestions from witnesses for identifying vulnerable workers and underserved communities and how the EEOC can best use its resources to ensure that all workers have access to equal employment opportunities.

Watch Eve’s testimony here.


In February 2017, Eve Hill, one of the nation’s leading disability rights attorneys, joined Brown Goldstein & Levy, where she continues to pursue her devotion to civil rights. Her wide-ranging experience complements the firm’s dedication to high-impact disability rights cases and its advocacy on behalf of individuals with disabilities and their families. Eve is leader of Inclusivity, BGL’s Strategic Consulting Group.