Eve Hill presents “Diversity in the Legal Profession: Recruiting & Retaining Lawyers with Disabilities” for Lawline CLE seminar.

Eve Hill, partner at Brown, Goldstein & Levy, presented on “Diversity in the Legal Profession: Recruiting & Retaining Lawyers with Disabilities” as part of a February 9 continuing legal education (CLE) seminar for Lawline – an online learning platform for attorneys striving for engaging, relevant CLE, and professional growth content.

The program discussed disability as a critical part of the national conversation surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. Eve, along with her co-presenters, provided recommendations on how to discuss disability effectively and respectfully, as well as considerations for recruiting law students and lawyers with disabilities. The seminar also included insights on making law firms and the legal field more accessible. Eve presented alongside Azeema Akram, from the Illinois Human Rights Commission, and Kathleen Dillon Narko, from Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law.

Eve Hill’s record of dedication to a wide range of civil rights cases has earned her recognition as one of the country’s leading disability rights attorneys. Part of her practice is dedicated to high-impact litigation on behalf of individuals with disabilities, and individuals, organizations and agencies alike frequently tap into her wealth of knowledge to advocate on their behalf.

Eve also co-leads Inclusivity, BGL’s Strategic Consulting Group that works to help public and private sector organizations and industry groups navigate the landscape of disability, diversity, and civil rights. Prior to joining BGL, Eve served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the U.S. Department of justice for six years.

Learn more about Eve’s robust civil rights practice here.