Three managing partners recognized for establishing working group of Maryland law firms to address COVID-19 challenges

Photo of Sharon Krevor-WeisbaumBefore any businesses went remote in response to the pandemic and before the state issued stay-at-home orders to minimize the spread of COVID-19, law firm leaders Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum, Managing Partner at Brown, Goldstein & Levy, Tom Dame, Managing Partner at Gallagher Evelius & Jones, and Dave Shuster, Managing Principal at Kramon & Graham were already communicating about the impending crisis and how best to respond. The three colleagues began talking early on about how their respective firms would handle the transition to a remote workforce, including issues involving technical support and other operational logistics. They conferred frequently in the early days of the pandemic. Word quickly spread about the working group, with additional law firm leaders joining each conference call. The working group now includes dozens of law firms, judges, law school deans, members of the Attorney General’s Office, representatives of the MSBA, and other leaders of the profession. The genesis of the working group is featured in the Maryland Bar Journal article, “Maryland Law Firm Leaders Working to Support Each Other” (Volume 2 Issue 2).