Anisha Queen and Lauren DiMartino attended Columbia Housing Center’s 2nd Annual Benefit to Renew Columbia’s Vision, BGL was a proud sponsor.

Brown, Goldstein & Levy attorneys Anisha Queen and Lauren DiMartino attended the 2nd Annual Benefit to Renew Columbia’s Vision, hosted by the Columbia Housing Center. The benefit exists to renew the original vision of Columbia, Maryland, which was designed in the 1960s as a “brand-new, revolutionary, integrated New City.” The city was originally planned to be a welcoming home for people of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, income levels, and religions. Brown, Goldstein & Levy was a sponsor of the benefit, which aligns with the firm’s overarching goal of working to improve the lives of individuals across Maryland and the nation.

The Center is a nonprofit organization established to promote racial and ethnic integration and diversity in Columbia, Maryland through housing advisory services, community outreach and advocacy, and educational programming. This year’s benefit theme was “Renewing Columbia’s Promise in 2024,” to celebrate Columbia’s vision and its potential for even further inclusion and opportunity for all who live there. BGL is proud to be active in this and many other community organizations. Learn more about the Columbia Housing Center here.

Anisha Queen, AssociateAnisha and Lauren are both passionate advocates for housing rights in their legal practices. Since joining the firm in 2019, Anisha has represented clients in a wide array of civil matters, including cases that involve employment law, housing discrimination, disability rights, and civil rights. This is Anisha’s second year attending the Columbia Housing Center benefit. Learn more about Anisha here.

Lauren represents clients across various areas of civil rights law, including fair housing, education, and disability rights. She is a specialist on the Fair Housing Act, utilizing it to assist individuals impacted by discriminatory conduct and to challenge systems perpetuating segregation, with a particular interest in the intersection of housing and public education. Learn more about Lauren here. 

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