Andy Levy quoted in AP News article describing why a lead prosecutor in the Hunter Biden case has a damaged reputation among Baltimore’s legal community.

Brown, Goldstein & Levy founding partner Andy Levy recently spoke with AP News about the contentious path Leo Wise, a lead federal prosecutor assigned to investigate Hunter Biden, has forged during his time in Baltimore.

Wise was known as a talented attorney who was not afraid to take on high-profile cases involving prominent figures in Baltimore, including a former mayor and police chief. However, a case in 2021 led to Wise’s credibility being put into question, and ultimately, damaged. The case involved attorneys Kenneth Ravenell and former BGL partner Josh Treem, who represented Ravenell in a money laundering conspiracy case. Wise and his team charged Josh, a well-reputed lawyer with more than 50 years of extensive criminal defense experience, with obstructing the Ravenell investigation and falsifying documents – angering much of the city’s legal community who saw the case as exceptionally weak. Josh vehemently denied any wrongdoing and was acquitted outright. The Justice Department also swiftly withdrew a brief Wise filed in Ravenell’s appeal that accused a major law firm of benefiting from laundered proceeds – a rare move that indicated the Department’s reprimand.

Andy, who worked with Josh at BGL for over a decade, told AP News that Wise “was pretty well-respected, not just for his legal ability, but I think people thought that he was a reasonable guy that could be trusted.” But, Andy added, Wise’s prosecution of Josh was “such a colossal error of judgment” that it was detrimental to Wise’s reputation in the legal community.

Years later, tensions still linger. A Baltimore law club at which Wise was scheduled to speak about his book (that he wrote about a case he worked on while still sitting as a prosecutor) was canceled in May amid opposition from members of the legal community who remain outraged by Wise’s conduct in the prosecution against Josh.

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