Andy Freeman featured on WMAR ABC News: Gun Trace Task Force Settlement

Andy FreemanJuly 26, 2021, Baltimore City’s Board of Estimates has approved another settlement in the fallout of the City’s Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF). This $525,000 settlement is the 30th such agreement the City has reached with the GTTF’s victims. Andrew Freeman, a partner at Brown, Goldstein & Levy, represented some of those victims. When interviewed by WMAR ABC News, he said the City of Baltimore got off easy.

“I think the City’s gotten off really cheap,” says Andy Freeman. “For all of the hundreds of men who were improperly locked up, robbed, or extorted by the GTTF, the City’s paid less than $15 million.”

But that’s not even close to the amounts at stake in some of the other cases Freeman is handling.

“There’s a second group of suits,” he says, “which has fewer people but far more money, for men who were wrongly convicted as a result of the Baltimore Police Department homicide unit concealing exculpatory evidence or evidence that its witnesses were lying, and in some cases, fabricating evidence.”

Freeman added, “As a City taxpayer myself, I regret that those cases are going to take money away from other worthy causes. But the large payments are necessary because those men were locked up for decades as a result of misconduct by the police and should be fully compensated.”

Andy Freeman obtains justice for his clients. He has won numerous verdicts, judgments, and settlements of millions, tens of millions, and in one case over a billion dollars by mastering the relevant law and getting to know his clients, their problems, and the evidence in their cases. His law practice includes representing people who have been wrongfully convicted or victimized by police officers’ excessive force.

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