Chelsea Crawford and Michele Hall will present on prosecutorial misconduct and ways to hold prosecutors accountable through the attorney grievance process on April 25.

On April 25, Chelsea Crawford and Michele D. Hall will join representatives from Civil Rights Corps, the Maryland Office of the Public Defender, and Life After Release to discuss prosecutorial misconduct and ways to hold prosecutors accountable through the attorney grievance process. The webinar panel begins at 6:00 PM.

Prosecutors wield a significant amount of power in the criminal justice system. They make charging and plea decisions and have the State’s vast resources at their disposal during a criminal investigation and prosecution. While prosecutors are tasked with upholding the law, they are not above it. This webinar will explore the ways in which everyday citizens can hold prosecutors accountable when they violate the law by, for example, withholding exculpatory and impeachment evidence that should have been turned over to the defense. Chelsea and Michele will discuss how to use Maryland’s attorney grievance system to hold prosecutors accountable when they engage in misconduct.

The Civil Rights Corps is a nonprofit organization dedicated to challenging systemic injustice  in the United States’ legal system, a system that is built on white supremacy and economic inequality.

Life After Release is a formerly incarcerated women-led organization in the DMV area, organizing to build a post-conviction movement. They work to identify challenges in post-conviction and create solutions. 

To register for the event on April 25 from 6 to 7 p.m., click here.


A journalist-turned-litigator, Chelsea Jones Crawford represents individuals and entities in complex civil matters, including federal civil rights litigation, serious personal injury and wrongful death, and commercial disputes. Learn more about Chelsea here.


Michele has experience serving for five years as a public defender at the Maryland Office of the Public Defender. During her time at OPD, Michele worked as a trial and appellate attorney. As a trial attorney, Michele represented children in Prince George’s County charged in juvenile court and children charged as adults. As an appellate attorney, Michele worked on general criminal appeals and focused on statewide juvenile appellate strategy. She regularly argued before both the Appellate Court of Maryland and the Supreme Court of Maryland. Learn more about Michele here.

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