Public Justice Center Selects Brown, Goldstein & Levy for a 2018 Outstanding Partner Award

On October 10, 2018, The Public Justice Center presented Brown, Goldstein & Levy with a 2018 Outstanding Partner award “for the generous support the firm has shared over the past many years.”

The award states “We honor your leadership as a change-maker, for hosting the popular Justice for Breakfast series, and for your co-counsel expertise through our Litigation Partnership, including as co-counsel in Smith v Westminster, in which we represent a proposed class of thousands of tenants in Maryland against a landlord’s alleged illegal fee churning scheme and Rivera v. Mo’s Fishman Exchange et al., in which we represent a group of restaurant workers to recover unpaid minimum and overtime wages from a regional restaurant chain with a history of failing to properly pay its employees. We are grateful for the people of Brown, Goldstein & Levy who serve as leadership volunteers, mentors, and colleagues in so many aspects of our work. Thank you.”