Jacqui Cadman recently obtained a trial win in a Civil Protection Order case in DC Superior Court, by getting the witness to admit she had tampered with evidence.

After a trial in DC Superior Court, Brown Goldstein & Levy partner Jacqueline Cadman secured a victory for her client and successfully defended him in a Civil Protection Order (CPO) case. 

Through skilled and methodical cross-examination, Jacqui persuaded the Court that the petitioner seeking the CPO had not only falsely accused her client of criminal offenses but had also altered the evidence being used to purport these untrue allegations. After her cross-examination of the petitioner revealed the unreliability of the accusations, Jacqui was able to show that the request for a CPO against her client was actually a tactic being used to obtain strategic advantage in a pending child custody case. Following a contentious trial, the Court sided with Jacqui and denied the Petitioner’s motion for the CPO. 


Jacqueline Cadman is widely regarded as one of the best criminal trial lawyers in the District of Columbia. As a seasoned trial lawyer she has almost nineteen years of experience. Throughout her career she has tried hundreds of cases, ranging from traffic and misdemeanor offenses to the most serious charges, including homicide and sexual assault. She has mastered complex issues of forensics, psychology, and conducted intricate constitutional litigation. She has extensive experience litigating complex pre-trial issues such as privilege, Brady sanctions, and double jeopardy, as well as identifying, consulting with, and preparing experts to testify.  She is widely known for her expertise in conducting deep investigations and for trying and winning the most time-intensive and difficult cases. She is a regular trainer nationwide on countless topics involving criminal law and trial advocacy. Read more about Jacqui.


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