BGL proudly supports National Disability Employment Awareness Month this October.

Brown, Goldstein & Levy is proud to support the 2022 National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) this October. The theme for NDEAM 2022, “Disability: Part of the Equity Equation,” recognizes the important role people with disabilities play in a diverse and inclusive American workforce. As one of the nation’s leading disability rights firms, we advocate fiercely to ensure that the rights of individuals with disabilities are at the forefront of the equity equation.

BGL works tirelessly to break down barriers people with disabilities face in their access to information, technology, housing, education, employment and transportation. For decades, we have worked hard to ensure that programs and services offered by private companies and government organizations alike are fully accessible to individuals with disabilities, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act and other federal and state laws. Our experienced attorneys often litigate high-profile, high-impact disability rights cases in trial and appellate courts across the country.

We provide several unique resources that demonstrate our commitment to disability rights justice within and beyond our communities. We offer Inclusivity, a strategic consulting firm to support businesses, organizations, and government agencies that want to achieve real inclusion of people with disabilities in their workforces and communities. We also offer a disability rights fellowship, a highly competitive, one-to-two-year fellowship available to law school graduates with a disability and zero to three years of legal experience.

We also hold ourselves to high standards of inclusion in all of our work – both inside and outside of the office. We celebrate diversity, inclusion, and accessibility and work to foster a collaborative, creative environment in which our attorneys and employees with disabilities can use their strengths to their fullest and achieve the best results for our clients.

Over the next month, we’ll be sharing a variety of resources and tools to educate our community on disability employment issues and the role they play in fostering an equitable work culture, as well as information on what BGL is doing to promote disability rights now and into the future. Be sure to follow along with us on our website, as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.