Kobie Flowers to present at the NACDL’s 2018 Spring Meeting & Seminar: “Search, Seizure & Criminal Litigation”

At the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers two-day seminar, a nationally recognized faculty of experts and leading litigators will provide their expertise on the latest Fourth Amendment issues, including how the Fourth Amendment applies to 21st-century communications.

On April 19, Kobie Flowers presented “Litigating Traffic Stops & Auto Searches.”  Kobie provided a theory that will increase the probability of winning any 4th Amendment motion to suppress.  Beyond theory, Kobie gave proven practice pointers to increase the chance of success at a suppression hearing.  Finally, those who attended walked away from this presentation with not only the latest law in hand, but also a better understanding of the rubber-meets-the-road reality of the 4th Amendment by way of Kobie’s use of videos, the latest statistics, and even a documentary.

Follow up – Out of all the presentations from well-regarded lawyers, Kobie’s peers rated his presentation as tied for the best.