‘We are Striving for More’

The Daily Record article "We are striving for more"More work needed to recruit, promote women, minority lawyers, partners say

The recruitment, retention and advancement of women, minority and disabled lawyers at Maryland law firms has improved in recent years but more work is needed, say senior attorneys at leading firms.

Brown Goldstein Levy LLP has for the past seven years offered a disability-rights fellowship to a fledgling attorney with a disability.
The firm’s managing partner, Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum, said she hopes the recruiting effort debunks a persistent and naïve view that only able-bodied individuals can represent clients on legal matters.

With regard to female attorneys, Sharon said it does not hurt the firm’s recruitment efforts that its managing partner is a woman.  “Having a woman in my seat sends a very good signal to young women,” she added. “I think that’s a signal to the community that there is advancement for anyone at the law firm who can excel. There are no barriers.”

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