Jury: Montgomery Co. Failed to Reasonably Accommodate to Blind Worker

The Daily Record March 2, 2016 article - Jury: Montgomery Co. failed to reasonably accomoodate to blind workerPlaintiff will seek injunction ordering county to make software accessible to individuals with disabilities

Montgomery County violated federal law by failing to provide a blind woman computer software that would have allowed her to continue to work as an information specialist in a county call center, a jury ruled.

When the county decided to consolidate the Department of Health and Human Services call center, where Yasmin Reyazuddin worked, into the county’s 311 call center, officials refused to make new software compatible with the screen access software Reyazuddin had been using, which allowed her to access computer programs that converted information on a computer screen into synthesized speech or Braille.

Instead, the county denied her a job in the 311 center and relegated her to position where she lacked meaningful work.

“The verdict demonstrates that simply saying, ‘We got new software, and it’s difficult to make it usable,’ is not an adequate response to individuals with disabilities in the workforce,” said Joe Espo, who, with Dan Goldstein and Tim Elder (TRE Legal Practice, LLC), represented Ms. Reyazuddin.

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