Court to Hear First Ever ADA Voter Website Accessibility Case

Court to Hear First Ever ADA Voter Website Accessibility CaseBloomberg BNA – Electronic Commerce & Law Report

Sight-impaired voters and others with disabilities are accustomed to accommodations at physical polling places that enable them to exercise their right to vote.

As the 2016 presidential elections near, voters expect those accommodations to extend to online voter services. These expectations, however, have not been fulfilled everywhere according to sight-impaired individuals who have sued in California, Maryland and Ohio.

The National Federation of the Blind and three blind, registered Ohio voters filed a lawsuit against Ohio Secretary of State Jon A. Husted, alleging that Ohio violated the ADA by failing to provide an accessible voter services website.

On April 25, a federal district court in Ohio will hear a claim that the state’s voter services website violates the Americans with Disabilities Act because, plaintiffs say, it cannot be accessed using commonly available screen-reading technology. The case marks the first voter website accessibility lawsuit brought under Title II of the ADA.

Dan Goldstein and Jessie Weber represent the plaintiffs.

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