Court Explains Ruling on Splitting Stent Cases

Judges' powers at issue in stent case

Andy Levy convinces Maryland’s highest court

Andy Levy successfully convinced Maryland’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, that Baltimore County’s chief judge overstepped his authority by reversing another judge’s decision in the Mark Midei/St. Joseph Medical Center stent litigation.  Andy, who is appellate counsel for St. Joseph in the stent litigation, told the high court in a rare “mandamus” proceeding before the court that the chief judge’s order  was an unconstitutional exercise of authority.  As described by Maryland’s legal and business newspaper, the Daily Record, “Explaining its extraordinary decision to issue a writ of mandamus in the case, the Court of Appeals said Baltimore County Circuit Administrative Judge John G. Turnbull II undermined the authority of trial judges and usurped the power of the Court of Appeals when he overruled a trial judge’s decision to split claims in two lawsuits.”

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Judges’ powers at issue in stent case

Trial judge’s ruling revived in stent dispute

Court explains ruling on splitting stent cases