Nearly all litigation today must at some point go through the mediation process. This involves a conference at which a neutral person – the mediator – strives to steer the adverse parties toward compromise. Brown, Goldstein & Levy has a long history of involvement with mediation, both as attorneys representing plaintiffs or defendants and as the mediator.

A major benefit of mediation is economic. Pursuing a case through trial can be expensive. Mediation is a less costly method of resolving disputes. This financial reality increasingly spurs parties to resort to dispute resolution mechanisms other than the civil court system.

A second benefit is finality. Without prompt resolution, legal disputes can drag on for years. Successfully mediation brings relief to both parties, allowing them to lock in a final outcome. Psychologically, mediation enables the parties to put their dispute behind them and get on with the rest of their lives.

As mediators, Brown, Goldstein & Levy attorneys have a successful record of assisting both sides to achieve out-of-court resolutions.


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