African-American Guests File Suit Alleging Racial Discrimination by Camp Springs Quality Inn

“It’s horrible to be treated this way,” Mr. McLaurin said. “My wife and I paid for our room like everyone else, and I had just as much a right to be there as everyone else. When you see the staff checking black people and letting everyone else eat in peace, it’s humiliating.”

Hermeion Jay McLaurin and Janice Laws, were guests at the Camp Springs Quality Inn in November 2015. When each of them checked in, they received a breakfast ticket. The next morning, when each went to get breakfast, they observed a member of the hotel staff target black guests and demand their tickets, while ignoring white and Asian patrons. Mr. McLaurin and Ms. Laws asked the staff member about that different treatment, and the staff member said the hotel manager had instructed her to ask only black people for their tickets.

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